Rachel Proctor

Client Relations Manager
Location: New York, New York
Phone: 212-792-9501
Email: E-mail Me

Rachel Proctor serves clients and potential clients as the Firm’s Client Relations Manager. In her role, Rachel is the first contact point within the Firm for new clients.  Rachel manages client acquisition & onboarding, ensuring client integration into the nuts of bolts of a divorce or custody action. She is empathetic showing concern for the fear that clients are facing while preparing clients to face the sometimes harsh and sterile reality of the drastic life changes ushered in by divorce.

Rachel is uniquely qualified for her role as an internal advocate and voice for clients facing the uncertainty of divorce. As a Virginia native, Rachel’s respect and genuine care for people shine bright. As a New Yorker, Rachel brings the grit of “the city that never sleeps” to her tireless quest to support clients in a divorce concierge fashion.  Rachel is credited by Managing Partner, Mia Poppe, for often stating during the Firm’s weekly client update meetings, “pretend this client was your family member”. Rachel has been working with clients at the Law Firm of Poppe & Associates, PLLC for nearly three years and she is relentless in her pursuit to ensure that every client is “treated as if he or she were a family member”.

Rachel, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and an M.B.A. in Strategic Management from St. John’s University, also co-manages the business side of the Firm with Mia Poppe. Rachel ensures that the Firm leverages current technology and business systems to enhance the end-to-end client experience with the Firm.

As the Firm’s Client Relations Manager, Rachel prioritizes the needs of clients and potential clients alike and serves as a liaison between clients and the Firm. Rachel’s empathy and client advocacy are fierce, and she enjoys building long-term relationships with clients which continue even after their divorces are finalized.

When Rachel is not engaging with clients, she enjoys weekends at her home Upstate, cherishing time with family and friends, and appreciating the Virginia viticulture of the Monticello Wine Trail.