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Divorcing A Narcissist

You’re married to a narcissist and ready to break free. First, congratulations on empowering yourself to take this next, crucial step toward your new life. Second, it is critical that you take time to find the right attorney to represent you. Divorce is painful but... read more

Important Financial Impacts of Gray Divorce

Divorce is hard enough as it is, but when the divorce occurs after a lengthy marriage filled with children, grandchildren, and loads of wonderful memories, it can be especially painful. This type of divorce characterized by lengthy marriage is frequently called a gray... read more

Legal Tri-Parenting: More than just Mom & Dad

A Child Can Have More than Two Parents Just this winter, New York joined Maine, California, and nine other states in declaring that a child can have more than two parents. While this might sound impractical, the decision affects a whole number of different families... read more

Five Collateral Benefits Of Divorce

Your divorce is not necessarily the end, it could be your beginning. Personal Note: Prefacing this post with, divorce is not easy. I have chosen to work in this profession for many reasons and of the thousands of divorces I have represented, many if not the majority... read more