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When a child custody matter crosses international borders, the legal issues can become extremely complex. If you are engaged in a child custody dispute in which parents are living in different countries, it is important to consult with an attorney who is well versed in international child custody and visitation law.

International Child Custody & Visitation | New York City

In the wake of a divorce or separation, it is important that the child maintains a meaningful relationship with each parent. This holds true no matter how far apart parents live, even if they hold residence in different countries.

If the child lives in a country outside of the U.S., it may be necessary to persuade that country to recognize the visitation order. This can be difficult, depending on whether or not the country is a Hague Convention signatory and other factors. Knowledge of the country’s’ laws and customs regarding child custody are crucial in handling these complex legal matters.

Our lawyers are experienced in the complex issues involved in establishing international child custody and visitation. We can guide you through this complex legal terrain and help you pursue the outcome that is best for you and your child.

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