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The law firm of Poppe & Associates has handled some of the most high level and even public divorce cases in the New York area. Mia Poppe and her team of expert divorce Lawyers in NYC have won custody of children, assets, have even successfully produced annulments for clients with judges who have no prior history of granting annulments (it’s difficult). They have even won custody of animals – most recently in the publicized celebrity divorce of Chelsea Conrad. Mia Poppe and her team of New York City attorneys have the unique expertise to achieve the outcome you deserve. 

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You Don’t Have to Take Our Word For It. Here’s Why We’re one of the Premier Divorce Attorneys in New York City. 

Mia Poppe

Mia Poppe

Managing Partner, Law Firm of Poppe & Associates, PLLC


By Far, the Most Dedicated, Trustworthy and Hands on Attorney I Have Ever Come Across!

“It took me going through 3 attorneys to realize that, no matter how experienced an attorney is, if he/she does not have “TIME” for your case, you will have the worst experience and possibly the worst results. Ms. Poppe is one attorney that I can say hands down, dedicated real time to my divorce case which was rather complex and unusual. She was very efficient and kept me informed every step of the way, which was extremely helpful. She was quick to respond to all my emails and telephone calls. Not knowing where your case is heading or worse not understanding fully your available options is the most stressful scenario and anyone who has been through a divorce like I have will totally agree. If you are looking for a dedicated, trustworthy, knowledgeable and hands-on attorney, who will fight your case every step of the way then look no further, Ms. Poppe is your guy!”

– Louisa

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