Robyn Mann, Esq.

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Robyn Mann, Esq.
Of Counsel | Director of Mediation
Location: New York, New York
Phone: 212-792-9501
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Robyn Myler Mann is dedicated to representing her clients during some of their most challenging times: in family disputes and elder matters involving loss and grief. Using careful legal and practical analysis, creative thinking and a deep insight into each family’s needs, she provides individualized and workable solutions for her clients in her divorce and elder law practices in New York City focused on Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Admitted to the Bar in New York, Connecticut and Colorado, her divorce and elder law practices are broad based and client-centered. In her 30 years of practice, Robyn has served client needs in family disputes, sales of businesses and real estate matters. Robyn has the experience and expertise to provide accurate and useful advice on a wide array of legal, financial and practical issues involved in a separation, divorce or in settling an estate. Today, Robyn represents her clients in the Supreme Courts, Civil Courts, Family Courts and Surrogate Courts of New York, guiding them through complicated and difficult divorces, child custody disputes, child support enforcement matters, and elder law matters to successful conclusions. An adept litigator, she regularly receives accolades from clients and judges for her legal acumen and professionalism.

Robyn has also developed compassionate and insightful mediation skills with which she is able to help families create parenting plans, settlement agreements, or just address the myriad of small everyday issues of divorce or separation.

Thus, Robyn offers representation that focuses on the needs of her clients and their families. When those needs call for tough representation, she is an adept fighter for their rights. When those needs require clarity and openness to pursue a goal that is best for all, she has the superior communication and relational skills to meet them.

Educated at Emory University and Cardozo School of Law, Robyn has received extensive specialized training in mediation and negotiation, from Conflict Management Consultants (Basic 40 hour mediation training), New York Peace Institute (Advanced Apprenticeship), New York Center for Interpersonal Development (Basic Divorce Mediation training and Advanced Practicuum in Mediation), and New York City Non-Violent Communication group (Compassionate Communication training).