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You are the type who needs to steer their own boat.

Mediation is a process for dispute resolution which allows the parties to determine their own path over the mountain.

You distrust the litigation process, thinking it costly, disruptive and unreliable.

During mediation, you and your partner will make decisions based upon full disclosure and a thorough understanding of the issues and your interests.

You feel that the issues that you face are not only complicated but also personal and you desire the confidentiality of a closed door process.

Mediation is conducted with only the parties in the dispute and the mediator’s involvement and all discussions are completely confidential.

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word For It. Here’s Why We’re one of the Premier Mediation Attorneys in New York City

Robyn Mann

Robyn Mann

Of Cousel, Law Firm of Poppe & Associates, PLLC

Professional, Thorough, Compassionate

If you want to avoid a costly, adversarial situation with your ex, I recommend without reservation Ms. Myler’s highly competent services. I only wish I’d hired her sooner. I feel like I can trust her and that, like me, her main concern is that we reach a place that allows my son to have quality time with both of his parents, and that my rights as a parent are upheld.

– John

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